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This community is for those who have synaesthesia, who are interested in synaesthesia, or think they might have synaesthesia. All are welcome.

About synaesthesia:

Does your brain mix colors and letters? Words and music? Sounds and textures? Personalities and days of the week? Songs and flavors?

Layout Credit: [community profile] vestiges.

Example topics!

If you have synaesthesia, you might post about:
+ Your discovery of having synaesthesia
+ How synaesthesia affects/influences your life
+ A personal story where synaesthesia played either a positive or negative role
+ What you think of your synaesthesia (whether it's helpful or hurtful)

If you think you might have synaesthesia, you could always post:
+ About your experiences that have led you to think you have synaesthesia

If you don't have synaesthesia or know someone who has it, you might post about:
+ What has brought you to being interested in synaesthesia
+ Why you're interested (personal interest, or know someone who has it)
+ Questions for other synaesthetes

Of course, I definitely encourage the posting of:
+ Art that represents your experience with synaesthesia
+ Articles about synaesthesia -- science- or non-science-related -- external or personally written
+ Videos about synaesthesia
+ Images that remind you of synaesthesia or invoke an interesting experience because of your synaethesia
+ Websites about synaesthesia
+ Other synaesthesia-related communities
+ Synasethesia-related icons

Current Rules
+ Please be respectful of everyone's experiences and thoughts
+ If you engage in debate, please be polite
+ If you post more than one video or large picture please use a cut
+ If you're considering asking questions to obtain information for an academic study, send me a private message first. Failure to do so may result in deletion of the entry.

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